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how to be a digital nomad and work remotely

How To Be A Digital Nomad and Work Remotely

How to be a digital nomad and work remotely? Imagine being able to travel the world while working remotely and making a steady income. For some of us, it is like living in a perfect dream world. That’s exactly what digital nomads do. Fortunately, many companies across the globe are starting to embrace the idea of location-independent teams that travel while working remotely.

Note that digital nomads are still effective and work as hard as any other employee, only that they do not report to a permanent location. Numerous benefits come with being a digital nomad who works remotely, but meticulous preparation and considerations are important before abandoning your physical location. Here are some valuable tips on how to be a digital nomad and work remotely.

Choose a Good City with a Digital Nomad Community

There are several factors to consider If you plan on travelling while working remotely.
First, choose a safe, budget-friendly, convenient, reliable infrastructure, food security and fast and reliable internet. You must also choose a city with good locals and a digital nomad community to associate and connect with.

Spain is one of the most popular digital nomad destinations, but there are plenty of others. Fortunately, meeting and connecting with like-minded people has become quite easy with the rise of social media platforms. For instance, you can find many people working in various cities on Facebook. You might get some valuable insights on how to work remotely and travel, find good housing options and even join in on social meet-ups. These connections can be quite helpful in the new city’s daily life.

Find and Join a Co-working Space

The importance of a good co-working space cannot be overstated, even for digital nomads who are naturally introverts. Some of the major benefits of co-working spaces include providing quiet, conducive working spaces, fast, reliable internet connections, accommodations, and restaurants with a wide range of food options. You will also love connecting and learning from other individuals who also travel while working remotely. Remember that being a digital nomad can be quite lonely and isolating, especially if you are solely surrounded by tourists. Fortunately, Spain boasts a wide range of co-working spaces that will make your digital nomad life an absolute bliss. 

How to be a digital nomad and work remotely? Stick to One Location for at Least One Month

Sure, it might sound fun and exciting to explore the world and cross all your dream destinations off your bucket list. However, do not be in a rush to move from one city to another in quick succession. Besides, travelling from one destination to another is time-consuming and can be quite tiresome, impacting your productivity. That is why individuals who love travelling while working remotely choose to stick to a single destination for a month or so to learn and enjoy being in the area. This will help you establish a sense of flow and stability beyond the tourist’s perspective. After all, everybody deserves a place they can call home, even for a while.

Have Your Finances Together and Sign Up for Nomad Insurance

If you wonder how to be a digital nomad and work remotely, one way is being financially organized and free. It might be a good idea to sign up for mad insurance. After all, it would be humiliating and frustrating to be stuck in a foreign country with large medical bills and no way out. Generally, nomad insurance covers foreigners who have travelled away from their home country.

You should also eliminate unnecessary expenses and reserve your income for the things you need during the travel. Remember to get and carry several credit and debit cards when leaving home. It might be frustrating to lose your credit card in a foreign country with no alternative. You also don’t want to experience the pain and stress of having to call your home back requesting them to ship internationally.

Are you still unsure of how to work remotely and travel? The first and most crucial step is careful planning. The good news is that you can have a real and fulfilling career being a digital nomad. One of the misleading misconceptions of people digital nomads is that they tend to sacrifice their income and financial stability for their travelling passion.

Well, that is not true. If you want to be a digital nomad, you only need to assure your employer that your performance will not be impacted. If you want to take this route, Costa Brava Hub has your back. Contact us to attend the next convention.


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