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Costa Brava (Spain): what’s the weather like in december?

Do you want to experience the full adventure in Spain with fewer tourists and cheaper accommodations? Then Spain is the place for you. In December, the country experiences winter; however, the temperatures are higher than in other European countries. Spain in December is a great time because there are fewer tourists as this is the low tourist season in the country.

You can make the most of this by traveling to the fairy Park Güell. The low season offers the best time to interact with the locals and taste their culture. This period also has the most affordable accommodation, activities, and airfare prices. 

The best part is enjoying Costa Brava’s splendor while working in a quiet environment. Costa Brava Hub offers a great co-living and co-working environment for anyone looking to vacation while working. So if you are a remote worker looking to vacation in Spain in December, Costa Brava Hub is the place for you, and here are a few reasons why:

You will never be alone at Costa Brava.

 Did you know that loneliness causes more harm to your health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day? Loneliness is a major health concern that is faced globally in the world today. Loneliness can also be considered a pandemic similar to Covid- 19 as it affects over 9 million people globally, according to a study done by Harvard. Costa Brava curbs this by offering space where people come together, share a living space, and interact daily. While co-living, individuals share amenities such as the kitchen, laundry, and entertainment areas, meaning you are less lonely.

Costa Brava Offers Convenience and Ease

Sharing resources, skills, and expertise makes life easier for all co-living residents. The residents could share duties among themselves, lend each other items, make a living and work easily. For remote workers, Wi-Fi can build and break their careers. At Costa Brava, high-speed internet is assured with a management team that ensures everything runs smoothly for residents.

Affordable Living at Costa Brava 

Finding a living space is difficult, especially in a new country. With the increase in population over the years, finding housing can be a headache. Co-living alleviates this struggle by offering affordable housing, especially in December when fewer tourists exist. According to research into the US market, co-living gives residents a 30% discount on housing, similar to European countries such as Spain. A major advantage of co-living at Costa Brava is that you don’t pay for rent; the fee includes the bed and all amenities, such as Wi-Fi, cleaning, and other utilities.

Development Both Personally and Professionally

Residents at Costa Brava have networking opportunities by sharing a living and working space. This allows residents to share and exchange skills and offer professional development opportunities. You can even get to work on projects together and improve your expertise. While living together, residents exchange personal experiences and practices such as spiritual practice, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Relax and Enjoy Costa Brava Spain weather December

December in Spain, like many parts of Europe, is cold but warmer than most parts of Europe. The weather gets colder mainland. It is also the low season; hence there are fewer people. December has the most magical experiences, such as the Christmas traditions, the Hanukkah traditions, and the new year traditions. This offers a time to interact more intimately with the locals and learn more about their traditions—Wade through the cities such as Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia. If you are a ski and snowboard lover, then the mountain regions of sierra Nevada Mountain, full of winter sports activities, is the place for you. In addition, find the greatest artists in museums, such as El Prado and Picasso. Food lovers are not left behind with local food in plenty all through the streets in Spain.

Work remotely in Spain this December while having a great vacation in Spain by booking our co-working and co-living space with a 10% discount (coupon code: discover-Canyelles10%).


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