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health insurance for digital nomads

The Best Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

What are the best health insurance for digital nomads?
For a digital nomad, being in a good state of health is crucial as it gives you the energy to travel from one destination to another. As a digital nomad, there is nothing as devastating as falling ill in a foreign country. See, the cost of medical treatment, leave alone a medical checkup can be extremely high.

This means that without reliable health insurance coverage, a digital nomad might end up incurring huge debts which might kill your career in its nascent stages. Here, the good news is that there are health insurance policies that exist for digital nomads, and which might show up whenever you might be facing a health crisis. If you are curious to know the most reliable insurance policies for digital nomads, read on!

Safetywing insurance

For digital nomads planning on exploring different countries of the world, this might be one of the most suitable health insurance policies. With its cover, you can now have worry-free travel. According to the company, their medical insurance coverage is meant to cater to unforeseen events that might happen to a digital nomad in the course of their international travels.

The company’s medical insurance package is exhaustive considering that it covers a lot of things including the cost of hospitalization, and physical therapy, among many other various other benefits. Currently, their medical insurance policy covers digital nomads in at least 175 countries around the globe. One of the main benefits of their medical insurance coverage is that it can be really affordable.

Moreover, you are not obligated to pay the full amount for the medical coverage at once. The company usually spaces out the payment for their premiums in the sense that you can make monthly payments of about 40$. This makes the policy affordable to most digital nomads today. With their medical insurance coverage, you can have a good time at our coworking space at Costa Brava Hub, Spain without having to worry about anything. 

Insured nomads

Insured nomads has gained a lot of prominence among digital nomads. Insured nomads are not only suitable for individuals but also couples who are planning to make a short-term trip overseas. Their medical insurance policies are also well-liked among remote workers. Currently, the company has offices in both the USA and the United Kingdom.

Their travel medical insurance package can be quite comprehensive, and even covers medical conditions such as COVID-19. This makes your experiences abroad as a digital nomad worry-free since you don’t have to worry about catching some flu while traveling without adequate finances to meet the treatment and diagnosis cost. At our coworking space at Costa Brava hub in Spain, we advise all our customers to have reliable medical insurance coverage while living in our apartments. 


If you are still unsure about the right medical insurance cover for a digital nomad, this might be the ideal insurance company for you. The company’s website features different insurance plans from various companies. This gives you an opportunity to compare the various plans and choose the one that is the most suitable for your personal circumstances. Searching for an insurance company without having a good idea of what you want might feel like wandering in the dark for digital nomads.

This company’s medical insurance policy can be as comprehensive as it gets. This is because it covers a wide range of illnesses including avian flu, Ebola, Zika virus, among many other medical conditions. Digital nomads who take this cover are guaranteed that all of their medical bills incurred while traveling abroad will be catered for. 

Integra Global-Nomad insurance

If you are a long-term digital nomad, this is the most suitable medical insurance coverage. Most insurance policy packages for digital nomads only cover emergency care services. This company’s health insurance policy coverage can be as comprehensive as it gets. The company also goes the extra mile of providing routine health exams for digital nomads.

This can be extremely beneficial to digital nomads as prevention is always better than cure. For digital nomads who would like to take part in any dental or mental health assessment, this is the best insurance coverage to take advantage of. Digital nomads have the option of taking up an annual health insurance policy from this company before making an international trip. 

Health insurance for digital nomads: Conclusions

There is nothing that can be as devastating as falling ill in a foreign country without sufficient funds to take care of your medical expenses. Yet, this is the situation that some digital nomads find themselves in. The good news is that there are reputable medical insurance companies that have suitable covers for digital nomads. Some of these companies include safetywing insurance, Insured nomads, insuremytrip, and Integra Global-Nomad insurance among others.

At our coworking space in Costa Brava hub which is located in Spain, we highly encourage digital nomads to secure medical insurance coverage in the event of a medical emergency happening. Health insurance for digital nomads is crucial, and the companies provided won’t disappoint you in a foreign country.


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