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17 Gifts for Digital Nomads in 2022

What are the best gifts for digital nomads?
Gifting a digital nomad can be quite complicated- but it does not have to be. Generally, digital nomads are known to be fun-loving, adventure-seeking and lovers of new and wondrous things. We, therefore, understand why shopping for the perfect gift for a digital nomad loved one might feel quite intimidating.

After all, these people are always trying to eliminate unnecessary stuff and create space for essentials. The good news is that less is more for these adventurous individuals. With the holidays just around the corner, we have prepared an extensive list of some of the best gifts for digital nomads.

The gifts range from fun items to vital essentials that will make life easier and bring a smile to a digital nomad’s face. Here are some perfect gifts for nomads.

Portable Charger

The worst thing that can happen to a digital nomad is being stranded in a strange place with a navigation system or a mobile phone with low battery signals. A quality portable charger will help them recharge and power up their devices anytime and anywhere.

A Sunglasses Chain

There are high chances of digital nomads losing their sunglasses in one of their adventures. A sunglasses chain is not only stylish, but also super helpful and convenient.

Travel Pillows

A digital nomad can use a travel pillow on long flights when they need to nap during the journey or work for long hours. A top-quality pillow is one of the greatest gifts for digital nomads.

Travel Document Organizers

If you travel often, you understand the importance of having all your crucial documents organized. This gift will help the digital nomad in your life keep all their travel documents in one place for easy accessibility when they need to present them.

A Laptop Sleeve

Sure, your digital nomad loved one probably has this already. But it is perhaps old, covered with numerous coffee stains. Buying a new, cute one for them might bring a smile. You can also accompany this gift with a protective laptop sleeve to protect it from expensive dents and scratches.

Luggage Lock

A quality luggage lock will help a digital nomad tuck their belongings safely while in transit. Besides safety, a luggage lock prevents the bags from accidentally opening during the journey.

A Water Bottle

This is a simple yet classic and thoughtful gift for nomads. After all, staying hydrated is crucial and having a quality water bottle can go a long way.

A Mobile Hotspot

Finding a strong, reliable internet during transit can be quite difficult for your nomad friend. It might even be more frustrating if their job depends on it. Gifting them a mobile hotspot will give them access to reliable internet whenever they go.

Foldable Backpack

Foldable backpacks are lightweight, water resistant, zip up security and have several carrying options so that they don’t need to carry numerous bags when travelling. They also have creative pockets for water bottles.

Packing Cubes

Packaging cubes generally serve two essential purposes condensing and organizing. They come in many shapes, patterns and sizes and help digital nomads organize their spaces much better.

Electronic Cable Organizer Kit

No digital nomad would want to find their electronic cables knotted and twisted together with the rest of their luggage. Travellers carry many cables from phone chargers to HDMI cables to laptop charges. An electronic organizer kit with individual pockets will always help them stay organized and sane.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A high-quality set of noise-cancelling headsets will be the ultimate lifesaver for digital nomads, whether on a long noisy plane or at a coworking space working on strict deadlines.

A Portable Laptop Stand

Sometimes, a digital nomad will have to work at random places, including their beds. A portable laptop stand is easy to carry around, easily adjustable, incredibly useful and will be highly appreciated.

A Luggage Scale

This gift will make it possible for a digital nomad to measure their luggage in the comfort and convenience of their homes. This way, they will not be surprised by excess weight at the airport.

Gifts for digital nomad: Water Purifier

You cannot be sure of the safety of the drinking water offered on the journey. A water purifier enhances your drinking water’s appearance, smell and flavour and eliminates contaminants.

A classy, sizable Umbrella

Here is one of the most basic yet overly overlooked essentials that your digital nomad friend will appreciate.

An iPad

This is an incredible travelling and working companion and one of the best gifts for digital nomads. It is small, lightweight, long-lasting and has great speed.

There are different models of Ipad or Tablet to choose from, with different prices based on performance and usage needs. In our opinion it could be a great idea for travelers and digital nomads!

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