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Managing A Productive Remote Team

Hybrid or remote working has been the new normal for many companies worldwide. Well, the success of such arrangements is a two-way street. On one hand, your team should be self-driven, dedicated and willing to utilize their skills and company resources for organizational growth and excellence. On the other side, companies should be ready to provide sufficient resources and fair compensation for the team’s work. But that’s not all. Managing a productive remote team narrows down to offering intellectual, emotional and physical support. But it’s not as complex as it sounds. The best and easiest way is to create a cool, relaxed and conducive environment to boost their attention, morale and productivity. This way, your team will not feel like glorified workhorses but as valued and respected members of the establishment. Here are some brilliant tips on improving the productivity of a hybrid remote team.

Ensure Your Team has a Comfortable Working Environment

Successful business people understand the impacts of providing a positive working environment for their team members. Your employees need to feel comfortable and empowered to handle their tasks and do their best work. The key to managing a productive remote team is to remember that the employees cannot perform their best in noisy and undisruptive spaces. Ensure that the areas encompass everything from temperature-regulated interiors to ergonomic furniture, fast, reliable internet, and everything in between. Well-positioned computer screens and comfortable, easy-to-adjust standing desks eliminate the pains associated with straining, enhancing focus and improving the employees’ physical and emotional well-being.

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Organize Regular Check-ins

The best business owners and managers schedule frequent check-ins and follow-ups. Managing a productive remote team involves ensuring your employees of enough support. This is especially crucial for teams that are used to walking into your office for quick questions and clarification. Effective communication is essential in hybrid working conditions. You should invest in collaborative tools to facilitate open-flow and effective communication. Remember to listen and involve your team in decision-making whenever possible. Sometimes, you can send a simple, informal message requesting their opinions on various company policies and issues. Then show interest and concern by following up. It will be impressive how such small yet thoughtful actions can improve your team’s productivity regardless of location.

Set Clear Schedules, Rules and Expectations

Managing a productive remote team requires proper team organization. Remember that clarity is everything. Ensure that every employee understands what you expect of them at the end of the day, week or month. This eliminates guesswork and speculations ensuring that the entire team focuses on productivity and excellence. Be clear on when and how you will communicate, how you expect your team to organize their hours, when they should synchronize their activities and when they need to operate in different time zones. You should be clear on what you expect in the meetings, the questions, issues and concerns you can handle during the session and those that warrant a text or call.

Hire the Right Team!

The success or failure of managing a productive remote team will depend on the kind of employees you are handling. That said, your work will be much easier if you deal with independent, reliable and responsible team members who are cut out for such settings. Go for focused, self-driven, time-conscious, goals and results-oriented individuals who can perform under little or no supervision. Adaptability skills and a strong sense of teamwork are also crucial factors to consider when hiring a remote team.

A Little Fun Goes a Long Way in Managing a Productive Remote Team

Do not ignore your team’s emotional and mental well-being. Generally, remote employees have few in-person gatherings and connections. They also have limited informal chats and side jokes with their team members. Consider gamifying the process to bring some fun into the workplace to enhance engagement and productivity among your employees by:

  • Organizing interactive and exciting competitions
  • Create time for team-building activities and informal organizational events
  • Establish a reliable accountability buddy system

Managing a productive remote team depends on the remote working environment you create and the team relationships you build. If you want your team to give you the best results, Costa Brava Hub has your back. We have all the facilities and services required to grow your business. From comfortable and well-equipped working spaces to business meeting rooms, comfortable accommodations and a state-of-the-art restaurant, we have all to keep your team happy and productive. Contact or visit us today and let us make managing an effective remote team easy and fun for you.


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