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The History of our CoLiving: How To Get The Best Remote Working Experience

What is the story of our coliving? For most people, remote working may seem like the best solution, but it comes with various challenges, such as boredom and feeling lonely. You get a certain vibe from interacting with different people at your workplace, which you will not get from remote working. You may also never get a chance to bond with your colleagues on a deeper personal level which may affect teamwork. 

Costa Brava hub was established after keen research on people working from home. The organization aims to eliminate all these challenges without forcing individuals to change their whole lifestyles and schedules. 

What do they do?

The firm focuses on a 360º ecosystem and uses it to respond to the needs of the different remote workers. They also offer accommodation which helps in promoting social events. Moreover, they boost the development of the tech sector by allowing employees to unleash their full potential.

Notably, Costa Brava hub finds a link between the quality of life and work. It also helps people learn more about Spanish culture, which is diverse and exciting. They have a coworking space that helps you relax, and you can go above the roof and get sea views, which will help boost your productivity and allows you to work within the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Services they offer

Besides exemplary views, while working, you will get plenty of other things from getting a coworking space in the firm. They have fast internet speeds, allowing you to always be in contact with your clients. It also allows you to conduct zoom meetings at any time of the day with zero interruptions. 

They have ample parking spaces, which are free and do not have any restrictions on how long the car can stay in the area. You can get flexible rates on all teleworking services, which will suit your budget.

There are spacious business rooms within the vicinity that can accommodate several guests. The rooms are also soundproof hence allowing you to conduct private meetings. Notably, there are also catering services that you can use to ensure your guests do not starve during the meeting.

Other Exemplary Offers they offer 

 The firm also has co-living plans that work for an individual who is looking for affordable spaces within your area. You can invite your friends so that you can live together and save on the budget you would have spent on renting a house. The space can accommodate about 12 people enabling all of you to enjoy working, leisure and getting a chance to bond all at once.

The space also has a lot of privacy in all the rooms, including the bathrooms and bedrooms. You will also have a chance to share common spaces like dining rooms, kitchens and pool areas, allowing you to bond with your roommates regularly.

There is also an air conditioner which allows you to relax in all the rooms comfortably despite the climate changes that may be taking place. You will also get free internet that works throughout the day.

Customer service

The firm values all its clients greatly; therefore, if you are having any challenges during your stay or coworking, you can easily report it to the heads. They will try to come up with a fast and convenient solution to ensure you continue feeling comfortable. Besides, if you have inquiries about their services, you can also reach out and be guaranteed immediate feedback. 

They also ensure you feel at home by catering to all your needs without compromising your tastes and preferences. If you are a music or sports lover, they will ensure you don’t have to move to other places to enjoy the comfort of these things. They also ensure you get all the best delicacies and cuisines during your stay.

If you want to enjoy all these listed above, the Costa Brava Hub should be your number one choice. They have all these things under one roof, and you can easily book a coworking or co-living space on their site.


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