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Best Places For Digital Nomads

7 Best Places For Digital Nomads

Which are the 7 best places for digital nomads? Just a few years ago, the concept of a digital nomad was just a mystery to many people. Well, how fast things change! Digital nomadism has now become mainstream, with more and more young people embracing it.

Owing to the fact that the concept is relatively new, young digital nomads are unsure of the best places for digital nomads across the globe. That said, there are certain cities across the world that are one leg up in terms of being digital nomads friendly. These are cities that have amazing internet connections, an affordable cost of living, numerous coworking spaces, and also tons of fun activities to do. If you are struggling with choosing the best places for digital nomads, this article has been written with you in mind.

Canggu, Bali

For a long period of time, Bali has been the ultimate holiday destination for travelers across the globe. More recently, the city has transformed itself into a digital nomad’s dream. Actually, the city has everything that a digital nomad would need to become successful and lead a happy life.

The city has top-notch coworking spaces that every digital nomad fantasizes about. These are coworking spaces with fast internet and all the other associated amenities that a digital nomad would need to become successful. For being digital nomad friendly, the city has attracted thousands of digital nomads from across the globe.

The big digital nomad community in the city makes the city a networking haven for digital nomads. By visiting the city, you can expect to take advantage of free workshops that are held from time to time. After a busy day at work, you can have a good time exploring the scenic beauty of Bali which comprises scenic lakes, flower gardens, and amazing canyons among many attractive natural features. 

All this makes Bali one of the best places for digital nomads.

Medellin, Colombia

When you mention Medellin, Colombia to most people, most might think about widespread violence and drug balloons. Well, that is now part of the city’s long-forgotten history. The city has become unbelievably good for digital nomads it would seem unreal.

The city’s government has been rolling out technology at a breakneck speed. Moreover, the city’s infrastructure has had a spectacular overhaul over the recent past making life for visiting digital nomads quite easy. As you would expect of a place with effective technology and infrastructure, numerous coworking spaces have popped up in the city. The icing on the cake is that Medellin, Colombia is extremely affordable for digital nomads who would like to explore this amazing South American city. On days when you are experiencing burnout from a busy work week, you might get lost in a nature hike in one of the many surrounding hills. These are some of the factors that make Medellin, Colombia among the best digital nomads destinations in the world.

Cala Canyelles

Cala Canyelles is a digital nomad’s paradise that you wish you knew about earlier. Well, this Spanish city is naturally beautiful due to its amazing beaches, awesome cliff, and also ease of access. Digital nomads working from the city have endless activities that they can take advantage of. What is even better is that the city has the remarkable infrastructure and technology that all digital nomads are looking for. Due to these factors, Cala Canyelles has attracted some of the most competent entrepreneurs to set up coworking spaces in the city.  

Our Costa Brava Hub coworking space has everything that a digital nomad is searching for. Some of the factors that make our Costa Brava Hub attractive for digital nomads include being affordable, having fast internet, and also an amazing and friendly atmosphere made possible by not only our staff but other digital nomads from across the world. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Due to a number of factors that have conspired to work in its favor, the city is now a top destination for digital nomads. On visiting the city for the first time, there is a big chance that you might not like it. However, if you hang on for a little bit longer, you are guaranteed of loving its big metropolis which can be quite fascinating.

The cost of living in the city can be quite affordable making it one of the best places for digital nomads. If you are a lover of nightlife scenes, this is the best city to consider visiting. Having an amazing transportation network and incredible food are some of the additional factors that make the city a top choice for digital nomads. 


While making the choice for a city, digital nomads can be quite demanding. There are various factors that digital nomads consider before selecting a prospective city to work from. Some of the factors include a low cost of life, faster internet speeds, great infrastructure networks, and reliable coworking spaces, among other factors.

After considering these parameters, we come to the conclusion that Cala Canyelles, Bangkok, Thailand, Canggu, Bali, and Medellin, Colombia are some of the best places for digital nomads around the world.
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