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villas at costa brava

Best Villas at Costa Brava (Spain) and Apartments

Apartments and Villas at Costa Brava

If you are enjoying combining work and travel or thinking of becoming a digital nomad in Costa Brava (Spain), here is an opportunity for a lifetime to grab and capture experiences you have dreamt of all your life.

Costa Brava is generally an attractive combination of cliffs and private bays. There are rich cultural allures full of life, good food and vast sandy beaches. It is a popular destination for people of different ages looking to make a memory in contrasting coastal scenery and enjoy activities in seaside towns.

No doubt the destination captures the idea of a perfect holiday. You can spend your vacation, have lovely family moments in Costa Brava (Spain), and still work in comfortable and clean Villas. Some villas have gorgeous pools, patios and a completely equipped kitchen. All you need now is to know about the Villas at Costa Brava to find out what offers make them ideal for travel and work.

Why is Costa Brava Villas Ideal for Working and Living? 

Are you looking for a calm, serene environment to work or live in as you connect with nature? Costa Brava has favorable temperatures all year round. The advancements in technology have improved work-life balance. Since the transition to remote work has been gradual, the city’s development has been strengthened to accommodate working hours and holidays to ensure that everything is required at once.

When choosing their temporary residence, a digital nomad follows specific requirements. These are the factors that Costa Brava + Apartments use to enhance the experiences of its villas.

The quality of Living

  • Villas 

The lifestyle in villas of the Costa Brava Hub consolidates an ambiance of nature. In the gardens, you can enjoy a barbecue and a private pool, and at the same time be able to move quickly and easily for work. Digital nomads find this connection convenient and inspiring when hunting for a place to live. The Costa Brava villas have unique qualities with unique surroundings of natural sceneries.

  • Apartments 

There are many apartment sizes available, and each apartment depends on your preferences. Costa Brava Apartments comfortably accommodates all groups of people. A single person, a couple or a group of visitors. But either way, expects fully modern furnished apartments with all basic amenities, and some have air conditioning, an indoor heated pool and a community pool. All worth your money.

Quality for Working


Costa Brava villas anticipate a win-win situation of sharing work, leisure and home. Coliving helps to overcome loneliness and manage distractions that come with the freedom to work independently. You can access coliving spaces in beautiful locations, with professional managers, reliable Wi-Fi and stylish workstations. For instance, you can visit the Coliving with Mediterranean essence for short, medium or long-term establishment. It combines private with the community and accommodates 12 people. The services are high-end, including private teleworking spaces and other socializing areas.

Another is high-rated standards of cleanliness. There is a professional service to keep the area clean and safe.

The internet Connection 

Remote workers require an internet connection, but not enough because it has to be efficient for work. The internet connection at Costa Brava Villas and Apartments is fast and reliable. Internet connections are also well established around the city. You can access Wi-Fi coffee shops and cafes.

Which are the Best Villas in Costa Brava (Spain) + Apartments

Note that there are various places to get Villas at Costa Brava (Spain) + Apartments. They are all exceptional places, but if you want to stay in the jewel of Costa Brava, Cala Canyelles is the one for you.

There are options from 4 villas, one coliving, 20 apartments, one co-working and a quality entertainment package of a bar, restaurant and swimming pool 100 meters away. The information is available online if you want to find specific details about the places.

The amazing tips!

If you wish to make the most of the experience by sharing with like-minded people, you can connect with them on social media platforms.

Again, there are several types of villas at Costa Brava and apartments in the city. Do thorough research to ensure the infrastructure, the community, and other priorities are conducive for you. The good thing is you can make a call for clarity to make the pick easier.

Finally, remote workers, digital nomads and teleworkers can receive up to 10% off (coupon code: stay-at-Canyelles10%) when you book a villas at Costa Brava Hub.


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