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best digital nomad cities

17 best digital nomad cities to explore

Cities worldwide have transformed into «digital nomad hubs,» or places most suited for the manner of life of digital nomads. If you like a quiet and fantastic place to spend your free time and still work, the following are the best cities for digital nomads and teleworkers to visit.

Best Digital Nomad Cities: our selection

  • La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is one of the best digital nomad cities; a must-see if you’re a digital nomad visiting Costa Rica. La Fortuna is a wonderful location for digital nomads to work remotely because it is economical, offers dependable internet, a welcoming ambiance, and lots of coworking spaces. Some even have swimming pools to promote a more social environment with other digital nomads where you can interact. It is located at the base of the Arenal Volcanoes with breathtaking jungles, which offer incredible places to visit. 

  • Lisbon, Portugal 

There are coworking facilities all over the city, and it has gained a reputation as an excellent place to base yourself if you work remotely; Lisbon has more days of sunshine annually, great foods, the flights to anywhere on the continent are affordable and rich history and culture to explore.

  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

Ho Chi Minh City will charm you with its inexpensive cost of living, delectable street food, and welcoming population of digital nomads if you’re looking to travel to Asia. The city has a fast-paced lifestyle and excellent infrastructure for digital nomads. Thanks to the fast Wi-Fi, you won’t experience any connection troubles.

  • Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

The city is a great area for digital nomads and people looking to work and stay. The city features a wealth of exciting things to do, a fast internet connection, reasonably priced housing, the best «bun cha» restaurants, fantastic food, and a rich cultural environment to be productive.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s capital and second-largest city, which is situated on the Danube, is a fantastic stop for teleworkers looking to work or stay. It is a fantastic city for the digital nomad lifestyle due to its affordability, plenty of cafes and coworking spaces, and fast internet. You can also enjoy the rich historic European and explore fantastic architecture.

  • Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city has become a hub for remote workers. Barcelona has a high standard of living, with many beautiful natural areas, proximity to the beach, and cultural attractions, various coworking spaces, pleasant temperature, excellent public transportation, reasonably priced housing, and Wi-Fi available throughout the city.

  • Austin, USA (Texas)

Austin, USA (Texas) is a digital nomad hub rich in culture and is cheaper than many US cities. Additionally, Austin is safe, welcoming to visitors, and offers a large selection of coworking spaces, good internet connection, and coffee shops and restaurants that accept laptops. 

  • Medellín, Colombia

Medellín is the capital of Colombia’s mountainous Antioquia province. It hosts a famous annual Flower Festival and is the ideal place to go on your next digital nomad adventure. You will be introduced to the Caribbean spirit in the best digital nomad lifestyle.

  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

 You can choose whatever matches your mood from among the numerous museums, cultural events, jungles, breathtaking views, beaches, and exciting nightlife that are available. Santa Teresa is likewise reasonably priced, with good internet.

  • Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has some of the kindest people and most picturesque beaches, and an amazing environment for any remote worker. The city will comfortably meet all of your housing and internet needs if you choose to stay while working. Keep yourself busy during downtime by participating in enjoyable activities like hiking, rafting, and fishing.

  • Berlin, Germany

This city is a global community with residents from all over the world and working remotely is rather typical. You can get decent coworking space or an office to share, even if all you need is a desk. If you would rather work in a cafe, there are many that are conveniently located close to your apartment and offer free Wi-Fi.

  • Indonesia’s Bali

Bali is one of the best cities for digital nomads; the best place to work remotely. Visitors from all over the world come to visit, and many stay and make this region their home due to its stunning sandy beaches and beautiful rice paddies.

  • Thailand’s Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of Asia’s most well-liked cities for digital nomads. It is a desirable location for both travelers and residents, and This Thai village has developed a diversified digital nomad community as a result of the low cost of living. Chiang Mai has several coworking spaces and intriguing night markets, and foreigners deem it to be extremely welcoming.

  • Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is well-liked among digital nomads. This bustling town has a wide variety of watersports activities and employment locations, making it the perfect destination to spend your working summer. You can expect to make acquaintances when visiting Cape Town because it is regarded as being highly hospitable to outsiders.

  • Tulum, Mexico

It is one of the growing digital nomad cities. Tulum is the ideal location if your goal is to spend your free time or work remotely as you enjoy gorgeous coworking spaces, fantastic summer weather, the white beach, and surfing. There is good Wi-Fi and an affordable cost of living.

  • Melbourne, Australia

 It is ranked as one of the digital nomad best cities and has an amazing climate and facilities to accommodate remote workers. Shopping complexes, family-friendly entertainment places, and ample, well-furnished accommodations are available.

  • Cala Canyelles

Cala Canyelles is a magical place north in Lloret de Mar between Barcelona and Girona. It faces a beautiful sandy beach that is easily accessible, has a lot of sports facilities, and is a beautiful place to stay and visit close by. Cliffs and a cool pine forest surround it.

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