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7 Best Digital Nomad Conferences that will change your life

Digital Nomad Conferences that are guaranteed to change your life

With the digital era among us, digital nomadism has become a popular and lucrative way of life. Not only does this lifestyle seem posh, but it also gives you the freedom to travel to the most beautiful destinations in the world. But this lifestyle has an unforeseen downside: the lack of community. There is power in numbers, so a digital nomad community is important. The conferences allow nomadic professionals to meet, exchange ideas, and have a sense of togetherness to alleviate loneliness. Finding a community is hard, and that is why below, we have compiled a list of conferences that will improve your remote work life and make you feel less lonely:

The Nomad City conference.

Located on the west coast of Morocco, Gran Canaria is a breathtakingly beautiful island that acts as the host for the annual nomad city conference. The conference brings together teleworkers and entrepreneurs from over 35 countries.

The remote workers go through a week of engagement with keynote speakers who mainly focus their talks on entrepreneurship and remote work. Last year the exhilarating event was held from the 7th of November, and tickets went for about USD 98. The conference that will surely change your life when you attend.

7In7 Digital Nomad Conference

The mission behind this conference led by a women’s team is to hold seven conferences for remote workers on seven continents in seven years. As of last year, the team has achieved more than half of its goal and has held four of the seven conferences.

The week-long Wellington, New Zealand conference was led by 100 digital nomads who attended and had intimate interactions with speakers, panelists, founders, and other attendees. The tickets cost USD 479. The conference has Small-scale breakout sessions, Intensive workshops, Volunteer opportunities, and many more activities.

The Freedom X Fest 

Over 1000 people came together last year in a village in the Pyrenees in northern Spain for the first ever Freedom X Fest. The event brought over 50 speakers who shared their wisdom on various topics, including; Digital nomadism, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, lifestyle design, creativity, and unique co-working.

Along with these activities, participants participated in rock climbing, yoga, meditation, live music, and food truck events. The event tickets for a three-day stay cost USD 563, while the six-day visit costs 1,016 USD. The conference is worth your time.

DNX Digital Nomad Conference

People worldwide get together at the conference to discuss lifestyle design and digital nomadism. Among the key discussion points are; «How do I live my passion?» «How can I manage a business that doesn’t care where I am?» and «How do I improve the world?» Tickets for the main event were sold for about USD 23, while the main event and the workshop tickets were sold for about USD 336.

Nomad Cruise

Believe it or not, this conference is held on a boat. This fascinating cruise brings together over 400 remote workers. When you attend, you engage and learn while out in the sea waters for a week. The event seeks to create a WIFI-free cruise to detox and disconnect. Some cruise destinations over the years include; the canary island, Portugal and Spain. Get in touch with Nomad Cruise for additional details on tickets, costs, and the application procedure if you’re interested in digital detox at sea.

The Costa Brava Hub Conference 

This new digital conference is set to open its doors with three key themes:

  • Enhancing digital skills.
  • Providing tools and ways to enjoy remote living.
  • Encouraging participants to have fun and take pictures in Costa Brava.

Write us if you want to participate in the next edition of the conference.

The Nomad Train 

The nomad train is a unique travel experience that sets off from Russia to magnolia on a trans-Siberian train. The conference brings teleworkers together to sleep, eat and mingle on the train while exploring the great countryside of Russia. The forum is a great experience that allows attendees to make stopover explorations of Russian cities and co-working spaces.

We all agree remote work is not easy; the above conferences will go a long way in sharpening your skills and enhancing your social life. People who share a trade, similar career paths, or interests can get together at conferences to exchange information, be inspired by one another, connect easily with others, and develop a sense of community. 

The digital nomad events above bring people worldwide to exchange tips and find creative ways to enhance our shared digital workspaces and lifestyles.
Remember you can always write us if you want to participate in the next edition of Costa Brava Conference.


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