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best places to stay in costa brava

Best places to stay in Costa Brava (Spain)

Are you looking for a place to unwind? Costa Brava (Spain) has a calm and hospitable place to work and even work. The region’s amazing Mediterranean climate makes it a good spot for a year-round vacation. However, the music performances and local festivals make summer the best time to visit Costa Brava. Here are some of the best places to stay in Costa Brava and the best places to visit in Costa Brava. 

Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is a popular destination in Costa Brava. Suppose you are looking for a conducive environment to stay in or spend your holiday. Lloret de Mar has unique regions such as Cala Canyelles and many others where you can live and work.

You can do many engaging things in Lloret de Mar to enjoy yourself during your stay or vacation. Namely;

  • You can experience the culture through Gothic architecture and medieval remnants.
  • Most people enjoy dancing the night away and chilling on the beach.
  • Shopping and relaxing; Lloret de Mar has unique boutiques, restaurants, tapas, and bars.
  • Visit beautiful gardens like Santa Clotilde(a splendid park that combines tamed nature with aesthetic beauty). You can enjoy the plant’s subtle fragrances and the romanticism of the garden by taking a walk. The gardens are on top of a hill, which gives you scenic views.
  • Visit Santa Clotilde, which has statues, cypress trees, and fountains representing the Italian Renaissance style.

Lloret de Mar is the best place to visit in Costa Brava; it attracts tourists, business people, remote workers, digital nomads, dun-seekers, families, couples, and teleworkers worldwide. 

Cala Canyelles

Cala Canyelles, also known as the jewel of the Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar (in the north), is the only sports port. The beach is crowded with cliffs and pine woods, which makes it beautiful scenery.

Cala Canyelles is a place you can live and, if necessary, work; there are numerous apartments, villas, camping spaces, coliving spaces, coworking spaces, restaurants, and everything he needs to enjoy the stay fully.

Additionally, the zone has a rich marine background. If you are a fan of skin diving or snorkeling, this is the place to be. 

Water World Lloret

Water World Lloret is the largest water park in Spain. The great water park has over twenty rides under Speed Furious, Family Lagoon, and Kiddie Island. If you visit this water park, you will have a day packed with laughs and excitement. You can get out of your comfort zone by trying a bungee jump. Apart from having fun in this water park, you are guaranteed safety. 

El Trull Restaurante

If you want to fill your tummy with first-class Catalan cuisine, visit El Trull Restaurante. It is one of the most famous restaurants due to its reasonable rates and quality and generous portions of the dishes. 

Main Strip 

You will find numerous venues where you can spend a festive night along the main strip. For instance, nightclubs, beer gardens, and sports bars. Some places where you can dance the night away include Disco Prive Lloret, Disco Colossos, and Disco Tropics.

Each place plays different music and hosts special events like foam parties. Also, you can get the chance to see world-famous artists and DJs.

Santa Romá Church 

The Church of Santa Romá is a distinctive landmark in Lloret de Mar. The church was designed in a Gothic-Renaissance style, which gives it a peculiar look that attracts tourists. You can enjoy the emblematic religious edifice as you walk around Lloret de Mar Old Town. A cafeteria faces the church where you can have a drink as you enjoy the peculiar architecture.

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square has numerous restaurants and open-air bars with palm trees that offer an exotic feel to tourists and the locals. Town Hall Square has a city council building that is neoclassical. Hence, the Town Hall Square gives you a first impression of Lloret de Mar. 

Fenals Beach

You can on Fenals Beach and enjoy sports activities like canoeing and parasailing. There are ice cream stalls where you can cool off your body with your favorite flavors. There are hills in Fenals Beach that shelter the bay from the wind. 

As digital error takes over, remote work is the new normal in almost all industries. Where you work from should not limit you from working, but when you visit Spain to settle or tour, it’s agreed with no doubt «Costa Brava best places to stay.»

Best Places to Stay in Costa Brava: conclusions.

Thanks to the incredible mix of favorable climate, high quality of life at affordable prices, attractions and nature this region is suitable for both families and professionals.

In this article we have seen the best places to stay in Costa Brava, but if you want you can do more!

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