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cheapest places for digital nomads

5 best places for digital nomads

For a digital nomad, a good laptop with good internet connection and a wide community to feel at home is all that takes to make any location their stop. Digital nomads are people who travel the world and are mostly in search of new experiences, welcoming opportunities, and culture. They can work from any part of the world.

Our digital nomad blog includes all the information you need to find your next destination, book and even organize your new home. You may never miss a task or wonder what to do, as this blog is here for you.

Discover the «Digital and Remote» Conference in Costa Brava

Costa Brava has provided a unique self-relying platform where you can be guided by our speakers, experts from all levels, and content creators. Two key themes of how to live a nomadic life are improving the skills of remote work and the tools you require to enjoy a remote lifestyle. We have listed experience conferences from building an itinerant retreat company while traveling to mental shifts to thrive in the future of work, all these conferences set to the best of your disposal. There are more conferences than you could ever think of; pick the ones you feel interested in and learn more new and interesting things.

Find out why you can’t miss the 2023 conference!

Superb locations at Costa Brava

Nomads can also visit the Costa Brava hub as they also tour the attractions in the town, which include:

  • Garden Of Santa Clotilde: Aesthetic beauty and peaceful, welcoming nature is the best experience in the garden of Santa Clotilde. Get to enjoy and witness fantastic views of the sea and the plant’s fragrances of the Mediterranean. Conduct your job effectively as you visit this fabulous location.
  • Lloret de Mar: You might consider Lloret de Mar your favorite destination. It features explicit golithic architecture and medieval remnants. You can also shop at Lloret de Mar, as it hosts markets where you can purchase food and items.
  • Cala Canyelles: This place is commonly referred to as the jewel of Costa Brava. Are you in for some nomadic sports? This is the right place as it is the only sports port, located a few kilometers from the Costa Brava hub, take your intense, thrilling journey to this part of the country, and the beach is crowded with pine woods and cliffs, making it a perfect scenery. Additionally, the zone includes a rich marine background if you are a lover of skin diving, snorkeling, etc.
  • El Trull Restaurante: This is the perfect nomadic stop to eat over, over hundreds of delicacies and cuisines that will get you refreshed again. Their reasonable food rates and top-quality generous portions of dishes will make you want more.
  • Fenals Beach: Enjoy a wide range of activities, from sports activities like canoeing to parasailing. Take a body rest while you cool off with flavoured ice creams on the available cream stalls. It is agreeable that it is the best place you could ever find in Spain.

Why choose Costa Brava? 

This is the best space for a nomad as you get to work as you tour the attractions nearby. You can practically divide your work and rest in the sense that you get to visit these listed above wonderful attractions.

Did you know that you can also receive a 10% coupon code by booking one of our co-living or co-working spaces? Take the opportunity and experience these wonderful attractions. Come experience the nomadic lifestyle. There are more reasons to choose the Costa Brava, don’t miss this chance!


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